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About Me, Kindall D.

What up, GIRLfriends, 


I’ve always felt like women should be able to be everything they want to be & not be limited to what society expects of us. 

So, here are some random things about me that may not fit together,

but they make up, Me:

-Born & raised in Memphis, TN

My soul is in LA, CA (I LOVE it there)

I love the ocean & would love to live by it--or at least have a vacation home by it.


-I am a plus-sized, thirty-something, short but fiesty, introverted, vivacious, & voluptuous

black girl.

And...I actually love being "fat."  I don’t wish to be skinny—just healthy. I was once (skinny) & I hated how limited I had to be with what I ate. I had to eat like a rabbit to stay skinny. Some skinny girls can eat what they want & remain thin by force, not choice but me??? Hell no. Shit made me miserable trying to stay thin. 

I competed in the 2009 Miss TN USA Pageant & to compete, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months—by choice. So, I know I can lose the weight. I just hate how I felt when I was “that girl.”

I’m the thickest right now that I’ve ever been BUT the most confident I’ve ever been. I was less confident when I was smaller. Crazy how that works, huh? Just goes to show you that confidence has nothing to do with how you’re shaped. It comes from within; your being.

I mean, I have my days & I have my moments where it sucks trying to find flattering clothing that hides my fupa, buttt overall, I love me & how I look. 


—I’m a bit of a health freak, lol. This may sound conflicting to what I just said butttt know that you can be fat & healthy. I stay up on my health & vitamins/supplements & get yearly physicals, & I incorporate lots of fresh veggies & fruits in my diet...along with a balance of my favorite foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, peach cobbler a la mode, & pastas lol.

Balance is key. I just don’t like restricting myself too much. I love holistic healing & try my best to stick to all things natural as much as I possibly can (sometimes ya girl have to pop some excedrine migraine when I'm hurting bad enough lol).


—I love astrology and things of the metaphysical world.

I’m a life path number 8

Pisces Sun, Geminin Moon, & Capricorn Rising

INFJ personality type 

I do believe in God & I do believe in “the universe” I use them interchangeably.

I am not religious; I consider myself spiritual 

I feel closer to God actually by being more spiritual than religious 



—I am currently married, no kids.

I used to have this deadline to be married and have kids by 30..I’m past that age now.

And honestly, I’m much happier with the way my life is turning out. I’m glad I had this time to really become ONE with myself.

Shit, I really just healed from my own childhood. I’m no longer pressuring myself to be anyone than who I am.

I feel like I’m at the right place in my life, at the right time. Everything’s aligning, beautifully.


—Random things I LOVE: 

Music, putting cute looks & outfits together, Jordans, makeup, hoop earrings, female rappers (I love their confidence & sex appeal), dogs (I have 2 :), animals, reading, essential oils, true crime shows, & Jhené Aiko lol.


—I’m a Mindset & Intuitive Coach & author of 3 book babies.

I knew I’d always be doing work of this nature, but had no clue how & when.

My collegiate studies consisted of a range of different psychology, philosophy, social work & counseling courses. I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. I applied for social work jobs and got a “NO” from all of them. So, I ended up in a regular 9-5 in a call center making decent money, but after 5 years, I was BURNED OUT. Shit was so stressful. I ended up in another job, less stressful but I hate the schedule & how it pulls me away from doing my work, here, with you all. So, I’m slowly trying to make my way out of the corporate world & just strictly do the work I do here, with my girlfriends.


What I want for all women:


To realize how much power they really have within. 

Oftentimes our limiting beliefs & subconscious thoughts hold us back. Not to mention majority of those limiting thoughts come from the standards society places on us. 

I want to help you all break out of those thoughts that are subjecting you to remaining stuck & stagnant, & help you step into your truths & true, highest self.

I’ve done it & it’s so FREEING; being ALL of the woman I was meant to be & want to be, regardless of who likes it or not.

I’ve been that girl going through toxic relationships (2, back to back to be exact. I wrote a whole book about it called "Toxic Ex Chronicles: Jon," which can be found here).

I understand all of you. I would never judge. I will tell you the truth &/or help you to see the truth but always back it up with empathy. 

My goal is to wake up the healer within you. You are the one really healing yourself with my 1:1 coaching found here, third or fourth tier.
I just guide you.

I never tell you exactly what to do, but I will ask questions to help you to do some deep reflecting. The goal is to work with your deep, dark shadows; that’s the only way to be led to the light (your highest self).

It’s important to know that you won’t just get over whatever is troubling you in your life, you have to work through it. 


Until we meet again, peace out. 

Kindall D.

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