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The Hey Girlfriend Podcast Visual, Toxic Series, Kindall Says(where I give my commentary on all the latest viral relationship content),

& Vlogs

1:1 Coaching, Bonus Podcast Episodes + more


  • Intensive & Ongoing 1:1 Mindset & Intuitive Coaching (See the 3rd tier/"Hey, Girlfriend +" & 4th tier/ "Let's Talk Girlfriend" for full coaching details.) 

  • Bonus Podcast Episodes (over 100 available now!)

  • Cancel at anytime!

  • eBook Discounts

On-call 1:1 Coaching availability

  • NO Patreon subscription required!

  • Not as Intensive, On- Call Coaching

  • Availability changes weekly, so check back daily!

  • This is JUST an 1 hour or 30 min 1:1 coaching call which means no follow-up notes or details (see Patreon coaching link above if you'd like a more intensive type of coaching with follow ups & on-going messaging post calls

  • No Refunds (Rescheduling limited due to on call availability)

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